Ace Your Interview

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Am I preparing the right material for my tech interview?

How many times have you felt like this before an interview?

“Did I prepare enough?”

Ace Your Tech Interview is a workbook for programmers and engineers where you’ll prepare the right amount of material following my step-by-step, proven framework with exercises to help you land your dream job.


Preparing for an interview can feel like aimlessly searching for your car in a parking lot…in the rain.

If you’re only preparing for the technical part, you’re going to get soaked.

I spent days researching how to prepare for the behavioral part of my 6-hour interview…with 20 pages of notes.

Now, I’m an engineer at FAANG.

Emily Bayuk

Successfully completing this rigorous process inspired me to help others ace their interviews.

This workbook includes EVERYTHING I used to prepare for the non-technical part of my FAANG interview and land my dream job…so you don’t get soaked.


Any of these sound familiar?

I get tech interviews but…

When it’s not just Leetcode, it throws me for a loop.

I don’t know how to sell myself.

I don’t have a consistent interview prep routine or roadmap.

I’m nervous I’m underprepared.

I’m not receiving offers.

I don’t have the time to thoroughly prepare.

By the end of this workbook you will…

Be confident when tech interviews aren’t just technical
Learn how to sell yourself during an interview using the STAR method
Understand the types of questions asked during behavioral interviews
Walk into the interview feeling confident you prepared enough

This workbook takes you through the interview process step-by-step with fill-in-the-blank exercises to help you prepare the RIGHT materials.

If you’re ready to Ace Your Interview, let’s get started!

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Companies Look for THIS During Tech Interviews

(and it’s not just your coding skills)

Yes, companies look for technical knowledge, but, especially for entry level positions, they’re not expecting you to know EVERY tech concept. That’s where behavioral questions come in. Companies are looking for skills like…

Problem Solving

How do you solve a complex problem?


How do you work with others?

Critical Thinking

How do you react when you don’t know an answer?

Ace Your Tech Interview workbook cover with pink ace
Table of contents and peak inside the workbook

What’s Inside
Ace Your Tech Interview

chapter 01

Grasping Behavioral Questions

Know exactly what types of behavioral questions are asked during an interview

Never guess which stories to share, and how to share them, to sell yourself using the STAR method

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Organized desk with notebook, headphones and pencil

chapter 02


Avoid last-minute cramming and stress by following the 6-day roadmap

chapter 03

Pre-Interview Prep

Move past the frustration of “I don’t know what experiences to share” by following my step-by-step brainstorming plan to curate a list of high-quality, engaging stories

Say “goodbye” to random scribbles of notes and “hello” to easy-to-reference story templates + your own professional life’s “table of contents”

Learn the right research to conduct and 8 sample questions to ask to show you’re interested in the company

Aesthetic desk items with phone clock, glasses, calendar and headphones
Desktop with notebook and phone

chapter 04

During and Post-Interview

Capture your interview experiences with my note-taking and self-reflection templates

Know exactly what to write in a “Thank You” email to send within 24 hours after your interview

Ready to prepare the right amount of material for your interview, ace it, and land your dream job?


Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours should I schedule each day to maximize results?

Ace Your Tech Interview is a self-paced workbook, so you can invest as many or as few hours each day as your schedule allows. A good rule of thumb would be 1-2 hours per day while following the 6-day roadmap included in the workbook.

I’m a beginner. Is this helpful even for students?

Ace Your Tech Interview is for tech and engineering professionals, AS WELL AS students, who want to land their dream job. Since beginners have less technical knowledge, companies are focused on learning about your soft skills, like being curious, a quick learner and a good problem solver. Effectively communicating stories to demonstrate these qualities (and more) is crucial during an interview.

How can I pay for and receive my workbook?

You can pay using a credit card, and then the workbook will be sent to the email address you provide at checkout!

I bought the workbook, and I can’t download it. What can I do?

This is very rare, so please contact me directly by email

Have additional questions? I’d love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram @thestemdiaries or email me at