Hi, I’m emily!

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After graduating in May 2021 from Bucknell University with a degree in electrical engineering, I began my career at Accenture as a cybersecurity consulting analyst.

I’m passionate about creating meaningful content on social media to break stereotypes and empower women in science, technology, engineering and math by creatively connecting STEM to everyday life.

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Emily Bayuk at Bucknell University

I first noticed the gender gap in my high school AP Physics class. I was one of three girls in a sea of twenty boys. It was also in this class that my teacher became my mentor and guided me to pursue an electrical engineering (EE) degree. I’m proud to have been part of the 18% of female EEs at Bucknell University. But, I’m on a mission to change this statistic.

I’m using my education to creatively break down topics and help girls build confidence in STEM.

About me

Machine Learning & Cybersecurity Experience



I first became fascinated with cyber security after completing an externship with Morgan Stanley’s cyber security team in 2019. I explored the bank’s approach to defending systems, applications and clients from cyber threats and was exposed to threat intel and WMIM Cyber through the design, engineering and marketing staff. I also received an overview of sub-netting and solved related hypothetical problems.


I completed an internship and part-time work with Booz Allen Hamilton as a machine learning software developer and learned how to build and implement neural networks. I was also introduced to computer architecture, Assembly language and C while working through a reverse-engineering and binary exploitation Capture the Flag cyber security challenge.


After graduating from Bucknell University with a B.S. in electrical engineering and a minor in Russian language, I joined Accenture’s security team as a consulting analyst to help businesses defend against cyber threats.

Awards & Distinctions


Bucknell’s BizPitch Competition | 2021


Draper Competition | 2021

Dean’s List Member

Bucknell University | 2019, 2020, 2021

Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship

Bucknell University | 2017 – 2021

Distinguished Ambassador Award

Bucknell University | 2021