The STEM Diaries books about circuits and energy conversion
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The STEM Diaries

You know how engineering concepts are often abstract and difficult for students to visualize?

I’m on a mission to change this with my hand-written and illustrated book series!

The STEM Diaries book series is the perfect introduction to electrical engineering for students ages 8+. It helps students easily grasp new topics and be inspired to learn more by breaking down complex topics with fun images and analogies.

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“A textbook in disguise”


In Circuits, you will learn about…

  • Types of circuits
  • Circuit elements, characteristics and applications

In Energy Conversion, you will learn about…

  • Electrical energy
  • How electrical energy is generated, transmitted and distributed

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#1 New Releases in Children’s Electricity Books on Amazon, 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazing and inspirational book!

This series…[makes] complex topics of engineering fun and easy to digest. Emily inspires people of all ages, but most importantly – the future girls of STEM! 🙂 … Highly recommend.

– Megan H.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Simple explanations of complicated topics

Emily navigates the difficult territory between making a book for teen readers approachable while also covering key ideas from electrical engineering. This is a good, short book for anyone whose children or teens are interested in engineering or wanting to understand some of the basic concepts in the field.

– Alan C.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Perfect gift!

The perfect gift for middle school girls! Such a uniquely-written and illustrated book that makes me want to learn more about engineering.

– Sydney R.

Books in Action

My 4 y/o daughter loves your circuits book! She absolutely loves illustrated books…and I think this book appeals to her in the same way.” 

–Ben F.

February 2021

A Student & Author

My Story

Emily Bayuk, founder of The STEM Diaries

“Applications for the senior class scholarship contest are due in February,” my high school AP physics teacher reminded the class, as he passed out that week’s announcements. I glanced around the room and noticed I was one of three girls in a sea of twenty boys, before reading the announcement’s heading: 


That day after school, as I worked through my physic’s homework on circuits, which I considered mini-puzzles, I wished I learned about the topic earlier in my academic career. I researched available material to learn about circuits and, to my disappointment, discovered a lack of resources for younger students.  

Then, it clicked. My entry for the scholarship contest would combine my love of circuits with my passion for bullet journaling. I proposed to create a non-intimidating, conceptual, introductory book about circuits to ignite young girls’ curiosity in STEM.


During my sophomore year at Bucknell University, I presented my high school project to my electrical engineering professors, who encouraged me to self-publish my then-titled book The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy on Amazon. 

As a college senior, I rebranded this book as the first installment of The STEM Diaries, which launched in January 2021, along with my second book about energy conversion.