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Coming Soon: The STEM Diaries Academy

The only program you’ll need to make an educated decision to pick the STEM major that’s right for you.

The STEM Diaries Academy is a college prep program for high school students ready to find their future in science, technology, engineering and math by taking a deep dive into these fields that guarantees you’ll unlock your potential in the world’s fastest growing industries.

After completing the college process and receiving a B.S. in electrical engineering, I’ve developed a system that works if you are:

  • Unsure which college majors are STEM-related
  • Curious to see a list of STEM careers
  • Struggling to decide which letter of STEM is best for you
  • Looking for STEM learning opportunities
  • Interested in engineering, but want more information about the different types of engineering you can study in college
  • Ready to meet a supportive STEM community of peers and mentors who will help guide you in your journey
  • Wanting to see women in STEM fields and hear about their experiences

You’re in the right place, and The STEM Diaries Academy will give you the knowledge, tools and guidance you need to choose a college major that will unlock your passion.

What will you learn in The STEM Diaries Academy?

The Meaning Behind Each Letter of STEM

and be able to finally answer the question, “but what exactly is engineering?”

Possible STEM Career Paths

you can pursue with college degrees, as well as the duties, salaries and skills in these roles

The STEM-related College Majors

available to you, in addition to the courses you’ll take and career options that will open

How to Find a STEM Mentor

who will guide and help you and will provide insight into their own experiences

The Qualities You’ll Develop in STEM

while pursuing a STEM degree, and why these qualities are useful in every day life

How to Create a STEM Diary

to artistically record and reflect upon the material taught in this course

But, more than anything…

The STEM Diaries Academy will give you the skills, knowledge and resources that will allow you to choose your perfect college major in STEM: a foundation that will help you pursue your passion and find job security in a world that is estimated to need 3.5 million jobs in STEM filled by 2025.

Emily Bayuk at Bucknell University

“I’m so thankful my high school Physics teacher introduced me to electrical engineering, a field I find fascinating. Now, I want to pay it forward to help students find their passion in STEM.”

-Emily Bayuk, Founder of The STEM Diaries

What’s Inside The STEM Diaries Academy

  • Week 1

    Intro to STEM and Your STEM Diary

    This is where you’ll build your foundation for the course. You’ll learn the definitions of each letter of STEM and skills STEM develops, as well as how to effectively use your STEM Diary, so you have an organized, physical journal of notes, reflections and observations at the end of the course.

  • Week 2

    Science and Technology

    In week two, you’ll take a deep dive into science and technology, learning the college majors associated with these fields, the courses you’ll take to get your degree, and the jobs you can pursue. You’ll be exposed to role models and mentors in these fields and hear about their experiences.

  • week 3

    Engineering and Math

    Week three is all about engineering and math. You’ll finish this week understanding the majors associated with engineering and math, the courses you’ll take to get a degree in these fields, and the jobs you can pursue. And you’ll be exposed to more role models and mentors.

  • week 4

    College and Career Prep

    In the final week of this course, you’ll learn how to connect with your own STEM mentor, as well as ways you can improve your resume and find internship and job shadowing experience.

To Sum It Up: The STEM Diaries Academy will Ignite Your STEM Passion, and it’s Officially OPEN for Enrollment

Coming Soon: Discover Your STEM Passion With

The STEM Diaries Academy

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