Quiz: Tech Interview “Killer”

What’s Your Tech Interview “Killer”?

This 1-minute quiz will reveal what’s preventing you from landing your dream job (+ how to conquer your interview “killer” 💪)

What’s preventing you from acing your tech interview? 👩‍💻

From landing your dream job? 🤩

3 interview “killers” are usually the culprit.

And this 1-minute quiz will reveal which one of those 3 “killers” you need to conquer while preparing for your next tech interview.

(You could be THIS 🤏 close to landing your dream job!)

+ I’ll hook you up with 3 actionable tips to conquer your interview “killer”

This quiz is for coders and engineers who’ve wondered…

👩‍💻 What’s preventing me from landing my dream job?

​7 questions will tell ya!​

So, what’s your tech interview “killer”?