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Emily Bayuk

Media kit
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Emily Bayuk


Social: @thestemdiaries
Based in New York, New York


I’m fusing STEM and visual effects with a trendy, adventurous lifestyle to break stereotypes.

I apply my technical knowledge and problem solving skills that I’ve gained through my experience as an electrical engineer in the cybersecurity industry.

“Emily Bayuk is a Gen Z leader.”

Sheri West, Bedford and New Canaan Magazine Feature

Meet My Instagram Community


reel views






reached in Aug


70% male identifying

Age Range

77% of followers between the ages of 18-34
77% between the ages of 18-34


25% America
24% India
4% UK
4% Canada
3% Germany

…And discover their interests in tech and engineering

Tech Innovation Content Example

Creatively simplifying innovative tech concepts that are popular interview questions

Coding Content Examples

Providing programming resources and humor, in addition to breaking down coding topics

Cybersecurity Content Examples

Creating awareness around cybersecurity jobs and concepts, as well as internet safety

My Services

I help brands increase their reach and potential customers by using my tech background to create engaging, viral STEM content using visual effects.

Learn more about my skills

Content Creation & Reviews

I can promote your brand by creating STEM-related content using visual effects to share with my social media community, your social media community, or both!

  • IG reel and/or TikTok
  • IG story set
  • IG story takeover
  • Product unboxing
  • Static post
  • Link in bio

Learn more about my previous brand partnerships

Custom IG Filters

I can design and program Instagram filters: an extremely sharable feature, resulting in increased brand awareness and a deeper connection with your audience.

  • Which X are you? (most popular)
  • Quiz

Learn more about my filters

My Skills

I’ve successfully grown a loyal audience in my unique content niche: STEM. My rare skillset combines creativity with technical knowledge.

Technical Knowledge

  • Engineering
  • Programming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Trending tech (web3, blockchain, NFTs)

Content Creation

  • Video editing
  • Visual effects
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator

Digital Marketing

  • Consumer psychology
  • Clear, concise writing
  • Graphic design

Emily Bayuk is pretty much the poster child for the push to make the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields more inclusive and diverse.

Westchester magazine feature, Westchester, NY’s 25-under-35 class of 2022

Brand Collabs

I love working with brands to connect STEM to everyday life using visual effects and analogies that are universally relatable.

Watch some of my favorite videos below!

partnership Case Study

Magnolia Bakery – Pi Day (14 March 2022)


Increase brand awareness, specifically around Magnolia Bakery’s special 2022 Pi Day treat.


  • Required content:
    • IG reel
  • Delivered content:
    • 2 IG reels
    • Story set of 2 frames

key metrics

combined reel views

story impressions

combined reel saves

“Easy as pie” coding resource reel featuring Magnolia Bakery

brand feedback

We loved the reel – so creative

Assistant Manager, Digital Content at Magnolia Bakery

Additional Examples

Custom ig filters

Instagram filters are a great way to increase brand awareness and connect with your audience.

I’ve seen filters generate enormous brand engagement, since they are incredibly shareable.

How it works: when someone shares the filter on their IG story, their followers easily click on the filter and try it themselves, resulting in exponential exposure.

My AR filter “Which coder are you” stats